Broken Pen


Oh my god please watch this video please.




I never realized how fun clothing ponies was

horse hoodies are the cooliest

this is a very important photoset

dat roseluck and the pegasuseses on the bottom row though
pony fashions though

Gonna show Major League Pong Gods in a few minutes, join in!

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The mayor of Los Cielos now understands why Dolphin Island is called that after receiving a map of the province. “My gods, it looks like a dolphin!”

Also, there’ll be Twilight’s Kingdom in the the bottom-left corner.

Stream in 30 minutes.


A mare wielding a Crisp-Brite sponge was arrested yesterday outside of Appaloosa Town Hall after lunging at the mayor with the cleaning tool. Her reasoning? She believed that the powerfully absorbent and no-grease guaranteed sponge was able to even “clean up the trash that is the Appaloosan mayor.”

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CRISP-BRITE Heavy Duty Sponges. For those tough stains!


A Borderlakes mare is suing the Ministry of Climate for false advertising and for not providing a Weather Control/Patrol office in her area.


Historians long wondered why Delphino, an Old-Equestrian offshoot language once spoken on Dolphin Island, ST, was uncannily similar to the Urobosian language despite the regions being so distant from each other.

Today, a group of Pegasopolian hippologists have evidence that Delphino came about from a lost Urobosian sailor who managed to land on the icy coasts of the island and was introduced to an Old Pegasopolian village sometime in the -200s.